Grab a Stylish ride nearby and drop it Anywhere

Introducing Station-free Smart Bike Sharing from PeachBike.

Stylish. Simple. Affortable

What is PeachBike?

Unlock your freedom of riding

Efficient short distance commute is a growing pain in cities and on campuses. We want a answer of how to get rid of the chaos in traffic. It should be faster than walking, cheaper than a taxi, and easier than finding a bike station.

Here comes the PeachBike, a station-free smart bike sharing network.

PeachBike is a combination of innovation, technology, and style. The advanced smart bike sharing system makes our ride in the cities couldn't be easier, and more important, it makes us healthier and happier.

Easy to find

Find a PeachBike nearby within your span.

Simple to use

Scan and unlock your PeachBike in seconds. Drop it anywhere.

A joy to ride

Beautifully designed PeachBike could make your day.

Always worry-free

Just ride, and we covered everything else.

Scan. Unlock. Ride.

How it works?

1. Find a PeachBike nearby
Just like you find a ZipCar.
2. Scan and unlock to ride
Your phone is your key.
3. Park, lock then walk away
Never hunting for a station again.
PeachBike is coming to your area soon.